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#ootd outtakes + a note


Hey guys!

Man we aren’t doing the greatest job of keeping up with our blogging duties. It’s a tough gig, I tell ya! Alas, I have to keep reminding myself why we started Two Cities and the ultimate reason was for us. For our friendship, for us to connect the same way we always have. So on that note, I’d like to say that I am going to keep at this whole blogging thing but with a slightly more relaxed vibe. Think little tips and tricks, and just general tidbits to let you in on what’s been happening here in LA. Like these outtakes. Perfectly decent photos that just didn’t make the cut for one reason or another but I think they are still just good shots. Not because of their photographic quality but because of the thoughts and memories that go along with them.


An outfit post that went all wrong. This was the only good shot since all I could think about was the weird dude sitting parked in his car across the street staring as I took photos of myself. Outfit photos really are a strange concept, no?



In the midst of my new year organization rampage I found Cory’s old point and shoot. It’s a Canon so it takes decent photos which I have so dubiously demonstrated by taking photos of very interesting things in my apartment.


This guy – crashing a photo shoot. It’s hard to get photos of him actually smiling and I was quite proud to have captured this one. He’s been real sick lately, poor thing.



I’ve migrated my shoots to the parking lot of my apartment complex. No creepers here! Still a struggle to find good backdrops though…


Stylust celebrates their 4th year this week and though we haven’t been huge into celebrating in the past I thought it was only right to acknowledge this one. While donning a tiara, of course.

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in the moment


I have always been a very goal-centered person and my incessant need to look ahead to the future has been both a blessing and a curse. While it can be great to be one step ahead I often struggle with keeping one foot in the now and being centered (and more importantly present) is key to seeing the big picture. And when you see the big picture it is easier to find the best route to achieve your goals no matter how big or small. Allison wrote last week of anticipating parenthood and the fears that come with it and how she plans to slow down and appreciate life just as it is now and her take on that inspired me to take a step back from my stresses and the things that aren’t going my way to just appreciate and be in the moment. And as a result I have had a more clear vision of the near future and I have been able to let go of those things that I don’t necessarily have the power to change. Which has been really nice since I’m such a stress case most of the time.

This week I am looking forward to getting back on the blog-wagon and sharing some pretty cool content with you guys! Stay tuned for more – it is good to be back!



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Outfit || Geo Shift Dress


Forever 21 hat, flea market sunnies, Pink Owl dress, shopStylust cuff, gifted clutch, Aldo sandals

Keeping it relatively short and sweet today. I am in love with this dress. It’s fun and bright and I feel dressed up without having to try too hard. It’s been almost deathly hot here lately so deciding what to wear when you really don’t feel like wearing anything at all is a daily battle. I know, it’s a tough life. I figure if that is my biggest daily battle, I’m sitting pretty. And now for a little slightly mandatory light reading.

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

I had this idea (vaguely) this past weekend and came across this awesome blog. I found it so inspiring and it reminded me that it’s okay to stick to basics and to stay true to what works for you in your life. It’s also inspired me to take on the challenge of creating a capsule wardrobe for myself.

Family of Two – Darling Magazine

I LOVE Darling Magazine. Every time I read it I’m all like, get out of my head! They have just amazing writers and I can 99% of the time relate to what they are saying.

How to Tell If Someone Really, Really Likes You

When I heard Zooey Deschanel launched Hello Giggles with two of her good friends, I thought, great another Goop-like celebrity blog to add to the pile. However, though I don’t read every post, when I do I never regret it. It’s light, funny, oh-so-honest, and no pretentious word making up happens there. A+.