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  And So it is Christmas

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December is upon us! And in the spirit of the holiday season I have compiled a list of my favourite things about the this time of year.

Christmas shopping

Every year my bf and I spend a day Christmas shopping. It has become a tradition. We start the day off going out for coffee (of course!) and then we spend the rest of the day downtown checking off our christmas gift list!


It is just so fun to put on some Christmas music, pour yourself a rum and eggnog, and decorate the tree. Plus this is the one time of year that I can put up a bunch of sparkly, glittery, colourful decorations and get away with it!


As a student I have had to get very creative with my Christmas budget. One great way to save money is by making my own Christmas cards. It is also a great feeling to give someone something you made.


As I have mentioned before baking is a passion of mine, so naturally I capitalize on making all the great Christmas treats. Some of my favourites to make are Christmas logs, chocolate hazelnut biscotti (actually chocolate anything!), frosted sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and rum balls (recipe posts to come!) and not to mention Christmas treats make great affordable gifts.

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DIY Decorating

I recently moved in with my fiance. I had totally built up in my head about decorating our first apartment together. I was so excited to create this great space that was a reflection of both of us with an artistic twist, that is, until I started decorating. Reality set in. So what do you do if you are not a designer by trade, it’s not realistic for your budget to go spend hundreds at Crate and Barrel, and you don’t have endless amounts of free time on your hands? As much as pinterest makes home design look so desirable, what do us normal folks do to create and impress?
Keep it simple. Find one or two of your favorite items and work off of those.
Be unconventional. I had these pretty platters from my grandmother that I wanted to use so I used the platters as candle holders instead of going out to buy some. By not necessarily using an item for what it was intended you can utilize what you already have to work with.


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A Labour of Love


As promised, the official reveal of the biggest DIY project that ever existed. I truly believe this project was the hardest thing I have ever done and ever will do in my whole life. Seriously, forget child birth, long distance relationships, and writing a thesis – this was a true accomplishment. When I found this baby on the side of the road it had a broken leg and was desperate for a coat or two paint. When I was through with the transformation, I had a new found respect and understanding for the craft of upcycling vintage furniture. All those pictures on Pinterest that you see of the fancy expensive vintage stuff and think, “I could totally just do that myself,” – think again. I did save some cash but in the end I spent a whole week of my time – not to mention endless questions asked, research done, and so many paint swatches I could legit open my own Home Depot and call it day. Though I may have been a little over ambitious for this being my first ever furniture DIY, I really did have a good time and the feeling you have after accomplishing such a huge project is like no other. I now have a custom tailored work space that really reflects my personality and that I love.