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2013-12-29 ENGAGED Allison & Michael-92

Since I was two years old I have wanted to become a mom. Basically since I could grasp the concept of family or I guess in my two year old mind, baby. I made everything into a family. Whether it was my mom’s dangly earrings as the parents and her studs as the babies or my brother’s lego people (something he did not share my interest in). I played every variation of house possible and even a bit of apartment, condo, and hotel. Needless to say while all my friends dreamt about becoming teachers, astronauts, veterinarians, or actors I dreamt about becoming a mom.

I do not just want a baby though I want to have a stable family. I’ve always wanted to have a loving partner, an education, and a secure home before starting a family however, now that I have reached that point in my life where the possibility of having a baby is nearing, I find myself hesitating. I realize how much I appreciate the level of independence I have. I can make plans with friends with no worries or responsibilities. If I am sick I can use a sick day and stay at home by myself to relax. I have more financial freedom and less financial stresses. I find myself becoming acutely aware of the dramatic shift my life will take once I become a mom; it will be a life long commitment.

Once I become a mom, I will have a lifetime to be a mom. I know you have probably heard your parents say a million times “slow down, you have your whole life ahead of you” and I am seriously beginning to realize how true that is! Don’t get me wrong I am very excited to take that next step in my life. I mean if you ask anyone who knows me, I am a little to obsessed with starting a family. I just am starting to appreciate the time and space I have. I am focusing on being happy with what I have now and the way my life is now. However, once I do become a mom I will forever have Lindsey’s sophisticated, clean, expensive, baby free apartment to escape too.


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Please excuse the hiatus


After a long break we’re back online. I can admit that amidst the wedding chaos my time management skills went out the window. As amazing as my wedding was for me, I am so happy it is over! I got married to be married and that is what I was looking forward to more than the wedding. With that said, I will still totally give you an update about how the wedding went!

The wedding was one of the best days of my life. My priority when planning it was to focus on family and creating a loving, intimate atmosphere. I really feel like that translated on the day of the wedding. Everyone was just in such a great space and so connected. One of the reasons I think this was was becasue Michael and I didn’t sweat the small stuff. We set the tone for the day and just decided that it was okay if not everything came together perfectly. We just enjoyed being together and being with our family and friends.

However, my favourite part of the whole day was a moment Michael and I shared during the ceremony. We had just signed the formal papers and were standing at the alter. Everyone was getting back into place and not really focusing on Michael or me, it was just us. He looked at me, with tears in his eyes, and whispered ‘you’re so beautiful’. We just stood there for a moment like no one else was in the room. It was such a significant moment for me, something just Michael and I shared. The reception went off incredibly well too. My soaps were a success and added nicely to the table decor, we heard a lot of great and embarrassing speeches and of course we spent most of the night dancing! I just don’t think I could plan a wedding that didn’t have dancing as a priority.

But after being on one of the most insane emotional roller coasters of my life, I am just so excited that my life has settled back to a somewhat normal routine. And that includes being back online with the blog!2014-09-14WEDDINGAllison&Michael-382014-09-14WEDDINGAllison&Michael-132014-09-14WEDDINGAllison&Michael-932014-09-14WEDDINGAllison&Michael-77