meet lindsey


Hello! My name is Lindsey- if you haven’t guessed by now- and I think you are awesome for stopping by. Whether you are looking for DIY projects, a sneak peak into the fashion world, a connection to like minded people, or just to be plain nosy my hope is that you have some fun here. After all, that’s what life should be about.

I have a background in fashion styling and retail. I love to play dress up and I am not trying to boast when I say a lot of friends take me on their shopping adventures for this very reason. I am a very passionate person and have been called sassy by most people in my life. I am sometimes brutally honest, and have filter struggles that I am sure you will find at least a little entertaining.

Most recently I have decided that I love web publishing and design, with WordPress being my weapon of choice. Social media and anything technology based is more than a little exciting for me. I have also been editor-in-chief at Stylust Magazine for the past 2.5 years, and it really is my dream career. Feel free to head on over and take a look :).

Thanks again for stopping by!


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